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A new part-time Full-Time Chef de Cuisine employment is available in Temecula, CA 92591. Highly motivated candidates with excellent communication skills are encouraged to apply. New opportunities are offered by Ponte Family Estate Winery.

Brief Details

Job: Full-Time Chef de Cuisine
Full-time, Part-time
Company: Ponte Family Estate Winery
Location: Temecula, CA 92591


Job Description

Job Description:

The Chef De Cusine will ensure the quality, consistency and presentation of the restaurant’s food exceeds the guests’ expectations.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Understands the Ponte values and service standards and adheres to them.
Ensure the safety of guests and associates.
Trains, develops, and supervises all restaurant cooks and stewards in proper operating procedures and Ponte values and service standards.
Working with Executive Chef/Sous Chef/Director of Food and Beverage/Restaurant Manager, to create, plan and cost out restaurant menus ensuring standard quality, consistency, efficiency, and that the guests expectations’ are exceeded.
Informs Associates of policy and procedural changes.
Promotes team work among leaders and Associates.
Develops and conducts individual and group training and gives instruction to Associates to meet job requirements.
Able to operate kitchen equipment and train others on its proper use.
Develops and maintains communication with a full time culinary staffand various part time staff and schedules Full-time and Part-time kitchen staff.
Responsible for the direction, supervision, training and evaluation of cooks, custodian and part-time staff.
Sets leadership example by a willingness to workall job tasks.
Delegates assignments as appropriate and follows up to ensure that work is accurate and complete.
Responsible for the smooth flow of work, communication and ideas through a congenial, caring and supportive attitude.
Takes corrective action to ensure acceptable employee performance and provides both positive and corrective feedback to employees regarding performance.

Supervises and ensures the quality and quantity preparation of all menu and specialty items. Acts as working supervisor for all items
Responsible for the development, planning and facilitating of menus.
Checks production sheet against inventory to assure necessary items on hand; plans for back up items as needed.
Maintains daily communication with appropriate Associates to adjust production according to changes in reservations.
Determines correct methods of preparation and instructs staff in correct methods.
Ensures products are made to specification. Reviews recipes for variance in finished product, including yield, appearance, taste, texture; takes corrective action as needed and communicates feedback to staff.
Coordinates and instructs staff in appropriate sequential production time frames for maximum quality control.
Ensures proper product portioning.
Responsible for the timely delivery of food to event location; oversees planning and transporting of product to off-premise locations.
Coordinates with management for use of space and coordination of production preparation.
Responsible for proper storage and utilization of leftovers.
Ensures proper rotation and storage of all products.
Purchase food and supplies for operation of the restaurant when directed by the Executive Chef/Sous Chef at the best price and the best quality from vendors approved by company.
Helps decide on the menu, either daily or seasonally. Creates new recipes based on the type of restaurant and available ingredients.
Checks production sheet against inventory to assure necessary items on hand; plans for back up items as needed.
Responsible for proper storage and utilization of leftovers.
Ensures proper rotation and storage of all products.
Ensures proper portioning.
The chef de cuisine occasionally tastes and inspects the food to make sure the staff is preparing it correctly.
Works closely with restaurant Manager.
Interacts with diners to see whether they are satisfied.
Monitor restaurant inventories of food and supplies daily ensuring adequate supplies are kept on hand.
Actively involved in Associate recruiting and monitoring their performance.
Remain aware of culinary trends.
Log all food spoilage.
Report any pest control issues to Executive Chef/Sous Chef.
Achieve food cost and labor cost goals for restaurant efficiency.
Keep the sanitations levels of the kitchen and surrounding areas at the highest standards.
Assure that all company-owned equipment in maintained to the highest standards.
Performs all additional duties required by Executive Chef/Sous Chef.
Run the restaurant efficiently and to the Executive Chef’s standards in his absence.
Understand and adhere to the environmental standards set by the winery.
Operations/Financial Management

Coordinates and orders food and supplies.
Works from bids to assure best buys.
Forecasts proper quantity preparation for each item served.
Coordinates completion of daily productions records with staff.
Researches, develops, tests and costs new recipes and menus to assure that they meet departmental standards and are cost effective.
Analyzes and evaluates productivity in assigned areas and takes effective action to maximize use of equipment and labor hours.
Reviews manpower needs, evaluates labor costs and proposes new staff positions as needed.
Responsible for the accuracy of payroll hours for part-time and full-time kitchen staff.
Analyzes emergency situations such as staff shortages, product failures, equipment failures and provides timely solutions to problems.
Controls expenses to ensure financial goals.
Assists with establishing and maintaining departmental goals
Guest Satisfaction

Assists in the ongoing review and upgrading of service, product and menus.
Maintains consistent high quality standards.
Assures that all foods are attractively garnished and appropriately displayed.
Ensures that products are not held longer than established holding times.
Services guests with the appropriate sense of business urgency to provide quality service.
Safety and Sanitation

Organizes all production areas to insure ease of operation.
Conducts preventative maintenance inspections and insures that routine maintenance is performed.
Implements and maintains proper safety and sanitation standards in the work place.
Responsible for employee development and training in proper safety and sanitation methods and techniques. Verifies employee sanitation and hazmat certification.
Ensures that all staff know the location of fire extinguishers and their proper use.
Responsible for the security of the kitchen and kitchen areas.
Coordinates and maintains cleaning schedules for full-time and part-time Associates.

Required Experience:

At least four years of culinary/food service experience.
At least 4+ years of supervisory experience in a high-volume food production environment.
Multi-unit Supervisory experience preferred.
Strong leadership, oral and written communication skills are required.
A proven track record of successfully controlling costs and managing annual budgets.
Experience with a computerized menu management system, and knowledge of office and industry software applications is necessary.
Ability to work flexible and demanding hours, demonstrate responsible management, administrative and supervisory experience.
Proven problem-solving ability, to define, propose and implement effective solutions
Demonstrate commitment to high quality in food procurement, production and services
Proven ability to work effectively in a strong, service oriented environment with frequently changing priorities and deadlines
Proven skills in staff organization, work flow, use of controls and personnel management.
Ability to effectively delegate responsibility
Ability to prioritize assignments and to complete work in a timely manner
Good time management skills.
Strong written and oral communication skills and the ability to direct, motivate and counsel staff
Strong public relation skills. Able to work multiple functions. Ability to work with and cooperate with a variety of people in a helpful manner
General knowledge of accounting procedures, including costing and pricing menu items.
General knowledge of safety and sanitation procedures.
General knowledge of inventory techniques.
Ability to work effectively as a team member as well as independently, demonstrating initiative and creativity.
Considerable knowledge of proper cook times, temperatures and procedures.
Strong Culinary background with thorough knowledge of classical and modern cooking methods and techniques.
Thorough knowledge of equipment and tools and preventive maintenance techniques.

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